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About Us


Dabira Aroma was founded in 2019 and is a lifestyle brand that focuses on bringing luxury handmade products that uses non-toxic ingredients to curate body and home products. Dabira Aroma infuses African Grown Ingredients to help create luxurious body products through partnerships with co-ops in Ghana and other African countries. Our vision is to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and self-love while also infusing philanthropy. With a company name that means ‘God does Wonders and Serenity’ we’re inspired to make the world a better place. For each candle purchased, part of the proceeds are donated to a Nigerian children’s orphanage – with your help, we’re changing the world.
Our products feature 100% natural ingredients and are hand made in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. 



“I’ve always dreamed of starting my own company and being able to share that with the world while also giving back to my roots. I created Dabira Aroma to bring you quality luxury home goods, and also be able to help people in need. As a first generation Nigerian American I have strong ties to my heritage and have always wanted to do more for my country. With your help proceeds from each candle will go towards helping Nigerian Orphanage. I hope you enjoy your candle as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Welcome to the Family!”

Shola Agunbiade is the founder, and creative director at Dabira Aroma. Shola has over 6 years experience in Product Development and has a strong background in Marketing and Fashion. Shola is a lover of all things that smell good. When Shola is not making creations for Dabira Aroma you can catch her on her blog Our Perfect Palette blogging about all things, food, beauty, and travel!
Favorite Candle: One Eleven
Why: Although I love ALL of Dabira Aroma Candles and you will too. One Eleven is special to me because it is inspired by my Birthday January 11. One Eleven hits all the scents I would love to have in one candle. This candle puts me in a great mood and it will do the same for you.
Favorite Drink: Crown Royal Apple + Cran Apple Juice…Has to be Cran Apple! (trust me its delicious!)
3 Random Facts about Me:
1. I’m the middle child
2. I LOVE to travel, and have been to over 15 countries and counting
3. I’ve lived on both coast! I grew up on the east coast and just moved out west July 2018.
Now that we are all acquainted & friends, keep coming back as we will continue to update our products through the season.